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Orders for Underwater Gear, Bridge Windscreens, Windows, Window Parts, and Doors
are custom order parts.  Once these items are ordered, they are not subject to cancellation and/or return.

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Name Plates &
      Propeller Logos


Gel Coat

Plastic Name Plate
    Available w/chrome colored trim
     (click on underlined text above for picture)

Plastic Propeller Logo
    Available w/chrome or gold colored trim
     (click on underlined text above for picture)

Chrome Plated Brass Name Plate
       (click on underlined text for picture)

Chrome Plated Brass Propeller
      (click on underlined text above for picture)

Large Original Yardarm Pennants
     Canvas - $34.50
         (click here for picture)

     Nylon - $24.50
        (click here for picture)


Off-White Gel Coat (up to 1989)
    $124.25 per quart
    $237.30 per gallon

Now Available.....

Off-White Patch Paste Kits


  Paint - Tollycraft Colors
We do not supply the Tollycraft paint.  The paint codes are from Cloverdale/Rodda Paint Company.  For UPS shipments call Rodda Paint Company at 503-737-6000.
Paint Color Product Code Color Code
Turquoise 1110114 LV 07L875
Dark Blue 1110414 LV 07L876
Off White 1110314 LV 07L877


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